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lucasfans's Journal

Lucas Grabeel Fans
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Welcome to Lucas Fans, the most active and #1 livejournal community for
the talented actor Lucas Grabeel, known for his roles in High School
Musical and Halloweentown. In this community, we will be discussing and sharing everything Lucas Grabeel. We welcome you to share the latest news and pictures, pre-made graphics, and anything else. We will also be having official challenges and discussions in which we welcome you to join! A part of Lucas Web and Unexpected Fate.


NO HATERS - This is a fan community, so that means only Lucas fans, haters aren't allowed and any rude post will be deleted.

PRIVATE POSTS - Please make all your posts "friends only", this community is for members only, any public post will be removed. Also, please use lj-cuts, it makes it easier and it doesn't ruin the layout.

NO PROMOTING - Please no promoting other communities or websites without permission.

NO SPAMMING - Please don't spam with random posts, any inapropiate content will be removed and always credit your resources.


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